Ciumai Winemake Garling Collection Moscato

Ciumai Winemake Garling Collection Moscato


This sweet dessert wine is produced from quality grapes of the European Muscat variety that was harvested in the sunny vineyards of Southern Moldova, in the Ciumai region. Produced and bottled by Wine International Project, SRL., founded in 1995 in Moldavia. They produce a full range of wines in all categories (table, dessert, fortified, flavored, sparkling, etc.) under the "Garling Collection" trademark. Following a comprehensive approach to wine (the growth and heavy investment in modern grape-processing equipment and bottling in order to control the marketing of their products), the company annually produces more than 20 million bottles of natural, quality wines using specialized modern equipment, support materials, and highly skilled winemakers. Wine International Project exports their products to many countries, such as Russia, Germany, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, enabling consumers in different parts of the world to truly enjoy the quality of Moldovan-wine products.






Moldova, Republic of

Destibutor location:

Miami, Florida

Date First Available:

November 10, 2018

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