Bostavan Kagor Late Harvest Cabernet

Bostavan Kagor Late Harvest Cabernet


Deep, dark ruby color. This wine has a honey aroma, a slight bouquet of black plums, and sherry. Full harmonic taste with overtones of blackcurrant and sweet cheery, finished with a chocolate aftertaste. Bostavan Winery makes their sweet grape wines in vineyards located in one of the best wine growing regions in South Moldova. Their vineyards in Etulia cover 1,730 acres and in Onesti it's over 1,235 acres. They are also a modern factory with over 96,875 sq. ft. of space, thus allowing them to process 20,000 tons of grapes per season. Their storage tanks can hold more than 15 million liters of wine and spirits of Cognac while their bottling equipment allows them to bottle up to 500 boxes an hour. Yet they keep all their departments under the same roof (all shops and offices), thereby ensuring high quality, maximum control, and compliance with all technologies.






Moldova, Republic of



Destibutor location:

Miami, Florida

Date First Available:

November 10, 2018

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